Noah Mills

Noah Mills born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, is an American model best known as the latest face of Dolce & Gabanna.
Mills currently is taking acting classes. He also set up a studio in his apartment, learning the ropes of producing hip pop albums. In his spare time, Noah plays a lot of basketball to stay in shape.

In terms of long terms career goals, Noah has dropped out of school and is putting his original plan to obtain a psychology degree on hold. He’s still exploring new ways to expand his career, including acting and producing albums.


Earthly Men

The Classic Warren Beatty

Raglan & Fall Fun

This is a combination of several fall elements and a couple Raglan Sleeve cut shirts. I think the Raglan makes a man sexier and creates a fuller chest. The selected items are darker colors and low key. Synthetic & non synthetic creating a more warm or dryer day when men want to play out side. The khaki tones are in trend right now too. Along with the rustic, Gothic-like trim on the watch and the black gloves for an even darker effect. Converse haven't always been my favorite shoe, but I've seen them recently being most amazingly pulled off. The sophisticated specs with medium dark brown to black would suit these clothes nicely. And when you have an even sportier day go for the 2 tone striped sneakers with slim fitting soles.


The Herion Chic Fad Gone Faded?

It is really up to the people. Although I think showing a little more structure makes you beautiful.
This trend I think will never die. I think it will appear back and forth, as does being more filled in with curves. Opinions vary depending on who is currently hot & not.