Menaji - Lip Agent

We all know what havoc our lips are threatened with, and sustain due to cold weather conditions. Taking extra precautions to protect your lips is so important, especially to keep them extra kissable! Menaji Lip Agent is a rich, thick lip balm, that is never sticky, and almost soaks into the skin on your lips, while leaving a protective barrier to withstand even the coldest of winds. It is very similar to Origins Soothing Lip Balm, at about half the price, and is safe for any age to use. Don't let this season ruin your perfect pucker up face. Happy Smooching!


My Immortal Boutonniere Custom Tatted Lapel Pin by TotusMel

Isn't this such a unique boutonniere choice? It is eye catching, and made up of bright colors to contrast and compliment your tie, shirt, etc.


Menaji Skincare Contest

Menaji Skincare is looking for the most eligible lips online! Submit a photo of your lips or your favorite lips and win a Lip Agent! Giveaways every week and winners will be announced Friday.

@MenajiSkincare or http://facebook.com/MenajiSkincare


Jil Sanders 2011 Spring Summer

The obsession with color is over taking me. This Jil Sanders collection is satisfying my hunger for a Romantic blast of extreme color.

ASOS Native American Inspired

Inspired by Native Americans
F-Troupe Native Printed Canvas Crepe Sole Shoes and beautifully woven plimsoll. These 2 types of shoes are in great trend right now but you can make it your own by finding shoes no one else has. You can also go to Mexico or you can also go to any country that makes highly colorful,textured, and designed garments. Play around with patterns and layering. If you are a small framed guy you can get away with layering even more.

Asos Rubber Sole Boat Shoe

My goodness this boat shoe is nice.

Topman Field Dazed 2011 Collection

Simply sexy easy to wear clothes for men with beautiful patterns and beautiful colors. I hope to see more people taking on this non conformist look. It reminds me of a very fashionable hippie.
I love Topman for men. They know how to make men look great.


Skin Graft 2011


Fitted stretch denim jacket with leather sleeves and armored details around elbow. Double breasted zip-up front and large low-slung collar.


Riviera Club

Very fresh, cool and just in time for summer!

Richard Chai For The Original Penguin Fall 2011

Once again a mixture of texture, pattern and a good slip on or chukka, maybe a moccasin loafer. To get this look. Always try and layer your clothing but yet make sure the clothes fit you appropriately (take measurements). Make sure the colors are all in the same hue. For example cool or warm. If you are a small framed guy get smaller prints.



The EvolutionMan line focuses on a man's specific skin care needs. For example, the Conceal & Treat concealer stick covers blemishes or razor bumps and treats the skin with key ingredients such as green tea leaf extract and salicylic acid. Antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and E will also keep the skin looking young. The line even has a great moisturizing bronzer, that blends in so well, and contains SPF 20. This is perfect for men that work outside a lot, or travel for business, and still want to look healthy, and rested. You can't find bronzers for men very often, so this is surely something you would want to try. Also, the Revitalize Eye Gel truly works on puffiness and bags under the lower eye lid. Men want to look good just as much as women do, and these products, which I have tried, can be the solution.

My favorite product is the lip balm. It is much more emollient than your regular drug store brand, and is fragrance free.The SPF 15 will keep your lips protected daily, and extremely kissable (a little bonus). My husband consistently asks me if he can borrow it, and I am very reluctant to let him.

If I had to suggest a few products to try out first, I would say the lip balm, and either one of the moisturizers. In addition, if you want to do an extra step, get the Wash and Buff cleanser, to achieve the perfect shave. Then, if you like the products, invest in one of the kits, to really see a change in the appearance of your skin.


70s hip

Couple things I found off Top man currently. Very sexy 70s-ish try and find them to get the look.


Pattern & Color

The trends are beautiful this year.

I Tad Grunge