Guys may need this balloon. hahaha!!

"Sorry I Am Such An Asshole" Balloon Package

The best way to express your feelings is with a balloon, of course. That's why the "Sorry I Am Such An Asshole" Balloon Package by Adam J. Kurtz is perfect for all of those times you accidentally missed a big meeting, sort of forgot about an anniversary, or purposefully skipped your best friend from college's birthday party because you hate all her stuck-up friends. We're sorry, we swear.

Kitsuné Spring Summer 2012

Yes, having style is this easy. Watch and learn and please do.

La Maisons Simons Spring 2012

Behind the scenes, dancing around, taking photos under heat and sweat and sexy music. All you need then is the lavish drape of delicious clothing by La Maisons Simons. I enjoy the play on vibrant colors vs neutrals like black, white and nude. Then you have the hot hair.


Kilgour USA Trip

Kilgour, the iconic British tailors, based on the prestigious Savile Row, has been in the United States since January of this year, and in the coming months, the brand's expert cutters will be offering U.S. customers the exact same experience as provided in London. Famous for dressing stars such as Carrie Grant and Fred Astaire, the quintessentially English brand offers the stylish and discerning customer the opportunity to have something totally bespoke and unique, hand made just for them.

Here is the schedule:

April 2012

New York: 16th, 17th, 18th - Carlyle Hotel
Dallas: 19th, 20th - The Crescent Court Hotel
Palm Beach: 21st, 22nd - The Colony Hotel
Miami: 23rd , 24th - The Delano Hotel

July 2012

Washington: 9th, 10th - The St. Regis Hotel
Chicago: 11th,12th - The Trump Tower Hotel
San Francisco: 13th, 14th - The Hilton Financial District Hotel
Los Angeles: 15th, 16th, 17th - The Château Marmont

October 2012

New York: 15th, 16th, 17th - Carlyle Hotel
Houston: 18th, 19th - St. Regis Hotel
Palm Beach: 20th, 21st - The Colony Hotel
Miami: 22nd , 23rd - The Delano Hotel

Contact information:

No. 8 Savile Row, London, W1S 3P