Thom Brown 2011 Spring Menswear

The modern suit has a short and lets men play with lengths and colors. These Thom brown assembles are paired with tall fitted sheer and almost translucent socks. I love the non conventional patterns that are thrown in to the suits to give them a very youthful statement. These are great for younger men or the very whimsical.

Versace 2011 Spring Menswear

These menswear just make you want to throw them on and head to the nearest disco. I would be dancing the night away with myself if I owned any of these mens garments. They are silky, dark, reminiscent of western apparel and very similar to the times of the 30s to 40s.

Fashion Photos On London Streets

A tan James Dean influenced coat. Interesting minimal studded shiny oxfords.

Two seriously uptight English men walking.

Dedication to Elvis

Elvis had his style and he had his dance and song no doubt.
I give tribute to the king and all of his talents he made legendary.


Moschino menswear spring 2011

Moschino came up with a punk and classic greaser influenced badass boy look this year. I absolutely love it and I hope I see American boys actually wearing it. I probably won't. It is completely cool but a bit chic. The sharp hair and perfectly clean faces really go with the rockstar clothes.


A Woman's Take on Fashion Faux Pas for Men

Guys, we all know you love to dress yourselves and we admire your creativity and courage, but sometimes it just doesn't look good. Kera Sebbert describes ten mistakes some men make on a daily basis. Check them out on her blog.

In addition, I just found this video, and It's really helpful and funny. It is about why men shouldn't wear white t-shirts under neath fitted shirts, or under neath anything at all!