Johnny Depp Has Fashion Depth

The Boho fashion lion is always wearing a new vintage suit. Or Johnny Depp will be walking the streets in how do you say it? "bad ass" shit. It is a wonder why he hasn't written his perspective on fashion ,or hair for that matter.


Alexander McQueen

Superhero is always hot and on this website it is still in trend. Or maybe I just love the way Alexander McQueen worked out the beautiful pieces in this collection. It is fancy yet bold,dark and grim. Yet McQueen kept the classic in check. Sheen glazed on a gray plaid suit, the plastic coating on a preppy prince suit check, & taffeta-and-felt that turned scuba neoprene into the stuff of jackets and pea coats. Black ties and over coats with bizarre yet perfect statures. It is a mysteriously lavish men's collection.