florian pessenteiner- male model beauty

Florian Pessenteiner is a male fashion model of exceptional beauty. The photographs below are the work of Elizabeth Perrin.

Gareth Pugh 2009 Menswear

Avant-garde and extremely wearable Gareth Pugh makes sexy industrial goth combinations on his 2009 runway. These are more in trend during the end of the year but I just post what most inspires me. I will at times post what is currently in trend. I read tucking the jeans in boots is in trend right now for men. If you can do it , do it. If you look like a douche though I would say leave the jeans out!

Julius 2010 Menswear

Japanese designer Tatsuro Horikawa proves that he can still manage to maintain the mystery that seems to always draw one back to theJulius brand. Transporting us to an almost paradoxical world where skin is in for fall, in a collection dubbed ‘goth_ik;’, Julius takes us on a venture through goth subculture once more. This week I will be posting dark gothic designers and clothing trends. I love the chaotic beauty goth cloths have and the rebel it brings out in people.


Hot Model: Miguel Iglesias

Miguel has been in fashion shows by Dolce&Gabbana, Dsquared2 and Giorgio Armani. Keep a look out for this hot model and try on some of the clothes he wears.