A Different (and maybe better) way to Smoke

"The ‘60s was the era of smoking, but why mix glam with hacking coughs and yellow teeth, when you can look just as sexy as Don Draper with a South Beach Smoke."

"These smokeless, electronic cigarettes are a high-tech and non-flammable solution that is not only smooth, but healthy too. When you take a puff you're not exposing yourself, or anyone else, to carcinogens, tobacco or ash, because you're simply exhaling pure water vapor (the actual base is made of glycerin, which is safe to use). The result is a no tar, ash, smell or bad breath version of the sophisticated and seductive smoker."

This is a very unique product. First off, I did read the entire manual before using, and you should too, just to get the feel of what you are getting into. The upkeep is simple, and requires little effort. You just charge the battery while you sleep, and it is ready to go, all day long. I suggest you starting off with shorter less intense inhalations (drags), and see how much your body really needs. Gradually increase your inhalations as needed. The cigarettes are very portable, and you would do great just keeping them in your pocket. For those that are trying to stop smoking, this is a great alternative. See the South Beach Smoke website to learn more.