ck free for men by Calvin Klein

I find it amazing that this fragrance is admired by both men and women alike, in my experiences. It can be worn by young men and more mature, with the same effect. Men like the masculine aspect, and women enjoy smelling it on their partners.

ckfree, inspired by the spirit of the modern, independent man who lives every day to the fullest. he has nothing to prove. he’s cool, relaxed and free-spirited. he does what he wants and is in control of his own destiny.

ckfree is an aromatic warm woody fragrance, unexpectedly fresh, yet casual and distinctly masculine. it opens with an invitation to free the mind with absinthe as a featured note. the journey continues with an unusual spiciness in the heart and winds it’s way through sensual wood notes offering confidence and depth.

Key Ingredients:
top: thailand star anise, jackfruit, absinthe, juniper berry
mid: suede, tobacco leaves, coffee absolute, south african buchu
dry: patchouli absolute, oakwood, texan cedarwood, costa rican ironwood
Available at select fine department stores.


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