Get the Mad Men Look for mad cheap Prices

Online retailer TheTieBar.com flaunts the latest in skinny ties, tie bars, white pocket squares, bow ties, and other Mad Men styles-all for just $15, a fraction of the price for the same quality ties at department and designer stores.

“Mad Men has quickly brought back 60’s retro style into fashion with attitude and magnetism,” says Lead Designer of the Tie Bar, Greg Shugar.

The reason The Tie Bar is cool is because you can "try on" ties with different patterns/colors of shirts, and you can even add a suit into the mix, viewing it all right there, mixing and matching, for you to see. It is quick and easy, and also very fun. They offer long ties, and ascots as well. They even have boys ties, cufflinks and dress shirts.

The Tie Bar is an online retailer of 100% handmade silk ties of department store quality for just $15. To get decades ahead in fashion, without getting mad over the price, go to TheTieBar.com.

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MailleTie said...

Half the fun is showing off a patterned tie, with a luxury tie, you get to show off more!