The Cool Guy

This guy is going really cool on the color spectrum. You should try this out if you are looking for a new look for the summer. Try out a new pair of sandals as well.

Joy Divison's Ian Curtis Style

To be like Ian Crutis and the band you have to keep it sharp and euro school boy with a touch of androgyny. So, don't be afraid to add a sexy fur coat and alittle black or brown eye liner. And don't forget your perfect fitted skinny jeans.

These are some merchandise sold by some companies for one of the greatest bands.


Green Tea For Smoking!

Smoking can be very harmful but it is something that people enjoy as well. I say be as careful and healthy as you can even if we all have some habits. Green tea is of course a great way to achieve a healthy life while smoking. Here is proof that green tea really works. Recently it has been known to fight the harmful effects while being exposed to cigarettes. But for many years the orient have been using to promote longevity to their lives. It is a prosperous tea and herb.



46 Inches

Nadja the Catwalk Super Model has the worlds longest legs. Her legs are 46 inches !! That is a yard and some!

What a Wicked Game.

Chris Isaak's song Wicked Game featured Helena Christensen. Stunning with her classic style, yet original, full bodied and exotic features. The model is known for having the most beautiful body of her time.


Strap Them Up

Fetish, maybe but really it is something men actually use day to day. Every now and then a man needs a harness or a leash to keep in the goods. A nice belt or gun harness will do great for these reasons. Sleep is the most important part of day so make sure he has a good night mask ,or a great blind fold for those always fun fetishes.

Warning: If used for play, know that by tying anything around your neck is extremely dangerous and can kill you in a matter of seconds.

This may be fun to do and appealing to look at but highly fatal if done wrong. Have fun!!!

Being Boyish?

Androgyny is a part of a lot of women even if she doesn't admit. Most of us women look at the boyish girl like she has something more, or she is dominating somehow. Men are sometimes threatened by this or maybe very much turned on by it.

Hello Katie

Oh Kitty Kate what a sex Kitten you are.