The EvolutionMan line focuses on a man's specific skin care needs. For example, the Conceal & Treat concealer stick covers blemishes or razor bumps and treats the skin with key ingredients such as green tea leaf extract and salicylic acid. Antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and E will also keep the skin looking young. The line even has a great moisturizing bronzer, that blends in so well, and contains SPF 20. This is perfect for men that work outside a lot, or travel for business, and still want to look healthy, and rested. You can't find bronzers for men very often, so this is surely something you would want to try. Also, the Revitalize Eye Gel truly works on puffiness and bags under the lower eye lid. Men want to look good just as much as women do, and these products, which I have tried, can be the solution.

My favorite product is the lip balm. It is much more emollient than your regular drug store brand, and is fragrance free.The SPF 15 will keep your lips protected daily, and extremely kissable (a little bonus). My husband consistently asks me if he can borrow it, and I am very reluctant to let him.

If I had to suggest a few products to try out first, I would say the lip balm, and either one of the moisturizers. In addition, if you want to do an extra step, get the Wash and Buff cleanser, to achieve the perfect shave. Then, if you like the products, invest in one of the kits, to really see a change in the appearance of your skin.

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