Happy Socks will make you Smile!

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Happy Socks is a Swedish fashion brand on a mission: To turn everyday essentials into colourful design objects. Such as socks. Consisting of 100 quirky patterns, the label's debut collection "Chapter 1" sets out to define and brand the fashion socks market. At a low price, they're the perfect recession chic accessory! Launched during Stockholm Fashion Week in August 2008, Happy Socks has quickly become a buzz word within its style-conscious Scandinavian base market. Opting for broad, global distribution, the label immediately started exporting its brightly-hued footwear - within three months of its launch, Happy Socks is on its way to establish itself as a globally recognized brand that can be purchased in key stores across Europe, the US, and Canada. Having picked up on the hype, international publications such as i-D and German GQ will covering label soon.

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