Need a Perfect Tie?

The Tie Bar has your solution.

The reason The Tie Bar is cool is because you can "try on" ties with different patterns/colors of shirts, and you can even add a suit into the mix, viewing it all right there, mixing and matching, for you to see. It is quick and easy, and also very fun. They offer bow ties, long ties, regular length ties, and ascots. They even have boys ties, pocket squares, cuff links and dress shirts.

Like the big-name neckwear designers, The Tie Bar releases six new collections each year under Lead Designer Greg Shugar. However, unlike the big-name neckwear designers The Tie Bar offers their 100 percent woven silk ties for just $15 each, a striking value for consumers watching their spending in this economy.

“With the new collection we really pushed the envelope to put out cutting edge designs,” says Shugar. “Quality and design comes first, it’s just an added bonus that the ties are such a value.”
They even offer a "Tie of the Month" club for yourself or gift giving, starting at $199.

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