T-Shirts: A Classic for Men

T-shirts have long been a commonplace clothing item for men. Initially many were printed with a design or catchy phrase. However, they no longer solely fit this mould. T-shirts have experienced their own revolution over the years, and have been worn in numerous ways by men. In fact, they have become so versatile that they are now considered a wardrobe essential by many.

In the beginning, t-shirts only came in basic colours like black and white. However, this is no longer the case. T-shirts can be found in about any possible colours a man would want. They also can be found in a variety of styles.  Mens shirts have become just as stylish as those worn by women.  The Internet has made it even easier for men to expand their collection, as they can shop at online clothing stores around the world.

There is a certain way in which a man should wear a t-shirt to ensure that he stays neat looking. The best way in which to accomplish this is the make sure that it is tucked in. This creates a neat look and keeps a man from looking sloppy. Another way in which to dress up a t-shirt is simply to wear a pair of slacks. Sure, jeans are comfortable but if a man wants a dressy look, slacks are the way to go. A belt is a great accessory to add in order to make the outfit look more pulled together. Leather belts are a good choice to wear, and adding a unique belt buckle can further complete the look. Belt buckles can feature a western theme or be a more modern design. Another hint for men when wearing t-shirts is to use them as layering pieces. This can create a variety of looks. They can easily be layered under sports coats, polo shirts, button down oxford shirts, vest and cardigans. Try out some of these ideas, and you will stand out among the crowd of regular white tee wearers.

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