A Piece Sculpted like Rubrik by Margo Sawyer

I recently was amazed by this colorful piece that this brilliant women designer established. I also want to elaborate more about the vivid colors of the rainbow. Upcoming posts will be vast and sexy on this notion.
Synchronicity of Color

For Immediate Release:

In January 2008, Margo Sawyer installed Synchronicity of Color in Discovery Green, a new twelve acre park scheduled to open in downtown Houston, Texas in early 2008.

In 2005, Margo Sawyer was invited by the acclaimed landscape architecture firm Hargreaves Associates to join their design team competing to secure the commission of Discovery Green. The team won the competition and went to work on generating a design for the park which will include gardens, an amphitheater, recreation fields, a playground, restaurants, water features and an underground parking garage. Sawyer worked closely with lead architect, Lawrence Speck and the team of PageSoutherlandPage to create an overall design for Discovery Green that fully integrated the park's artistic and architectural elements.

Throughout her career, Sawyer has created installations which translate the ancient notion of a sacred space into a contemporary vocabulary. Synchronicity of Color continues her investigations with relationships between color, light, and architecture. Synchronicity of Color, her most ambitious project to date, is an architectural installation encompassing both the interior stiarwells and the exterior walls of the parking garage. Responding to the immediate architectural and natural elements surrounding the parking garage, Sawyer chose red and blue as the sources of inspiration for the color composition of Synchronicity of Color.... discoverygreen


Margo Sawyer was born in the United States and brought up in England where she received most of her formal education. Sawyer studied foundation at the Brighton Polytechnic Faculty of Art and Design; she then received a B.A. Honors Degree from the Chelsea School of Art in London. Her interest in contemporary American art led her back to the United States. She attended the sculpture program at Yale University and received an M.F.A. in 1982.

Throughout her career, Sawyer has created installations which translate the notion of an ancient sacred space into a contemporary vocabulary. The artist is particularly interested in relationships between the experience of space and the experience of transcendence -- and the ways in which architectural and ritual can converge to create a forum for contemplation and reflection. Recently, Sawyer's practice has focused on creating large scale -- often public -- installations that combine her parallel interests in art and architecture.

Sawyer's work has been exhibited both nationally in New York, Los Angeles, New Haven, Houston, Dallas, Austin and internationally in the United Kingdom, Italy, India and Japan. She is represented by Holly Johnson Gallery in Dallas, Texas. In addition to her career as an artist, Sawyer is a Professor of Sculpture/Studio Art in the M.F.A. Program at the University of Texas at Austin.

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